How We Started

I’ve always been fascinated by essential oils and the benefits they have individually and blended. My best friend Valerie (who I have known since I was 4) has a great collection of oils. Over the years we have used different blends when we needed some calm especially when our children were babies, 21 and 22.

I have used various blends over the years but always go back to my favourite lemongrass oil for its fresh, uplifting aroma and antibacterial properties so made my own room sprays.

I worked on this unique blend for two and a half years to bring it to market after I discovered the room freshener had amazing cleaning power!

 After a wet dog walk with our cocker spaniel Mally and to eliminate the damp dog scent I sprayed the room with my essential oil formula. Some of the spray covered our glass coffee table which I wiped away with a microfibre cloth.

I was intrigued by how shiny the glass was and totally smear free,  so I I tested it on our mirrors, windows, cooker hob in fact everywhere with fantastic results. Friends and family loved it and gave fabulous feedback!

I wanted others to have the same cleaning results and enjoy the uplifting aroma however to bring it to market I would have to use a preservative for shelf life but I was totally against using any kind of preservative.

After searching and testing I found a 100% natural Preservative which is actually used in high end skincare. It did not affect the performance or scent of my formula, 

The perfected formula was then sent away for laboratory tests  (NOT ON ANIMALS) and I was pleased beyond words all tests where passed.


We are proud to bring you our range of 100% natural multi use cleaners Sherbet lemon, Frosted lemon and our newest edition Rosie Lemon.


Happy choosing !!




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