How We Started

I’ve always been fascinated by essential oils and the benefits they have individually and blended. My best friend Valerie (who I have known since I was 4) has a great collection of oils and over the years we have used different blends when we needed calm and relaxation especially when our children were babies (now 19 and 20 ) we were both working. I have used various blends over the years but always go back to my favourite lemongrass oil for its fresh, uplifting aroma and antibacterial properties.

I have been working on this unique blend for two and a half years to get to where I am today and it all started after a wet forest walk with my beloved cocker spaniel Mally. When we arrived home I dried her however that wet doggie smell lingered (you pooch owners will know the scent) so I blended a room freshener. I sprayed it around the room which soon filled with a fresh aroma reminiscent of sherbet lemons, much better than before.

That very afternoon something amazing happened, as I put my coffee on the glass table I noticed where I had wiped off the room freshener I had spilt and it was so clean. I was intrigued by how shiny it was so with great enthusiasm I tested it around the house on the mirrors, windows, cooker hob in fact everywhere with fantastic results.

I really wanted other people to have the same cleaning results I was having and enjoy the same uplifting aroma, however to sell my product I would have to use a preservative. After testing many I found the perfect one as it was completely natural and did not affect the performance or the scent of my multi use cleaner, in fact made it better. A eureka moment!

The formula was ready to be sent away for testing at various stages over 28 days at Oxford Bioscience (NOT ON ANIMALS) That was a long 28 days I have to say and I was pleased beyond words when I received the email to confirm it had passed all tests. Now I could go into production so I ordered more oils and the equipment I needed plus a water distiller. The final stage was brand design which brought my dream to life. I have to thank Kevin @ SPC printers for that and for giving my product a personality with it's fresh look (with a little of my input) and for his patience!!

Also a big thank you to Neil @ Thetford Photography for the amazing photographs that bringing it to life, another patient man.
A huge thank you to Mally for being smelly or I would of never discovered Pips Natural in the first place.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore if you do it the Pips Natural way, feel uplifted while you make your home shine.

Happy cleaning,


Founder of this unique formula.


member of ATC/175